Friday, June 11, 2010

Anti Hunting

Why not to kill birds for sport or fun. Killing a bird or a squirrel or any animals like killing a human. if you have killed one then you know how it feels. And if you haven't killed one yet don't because it feels terrible you have a terrible feeling in your heart. You know birds do have familys, They do have souls, They do have feeling, They do have a reason to be here on earth. Why are birds on earth? They eat are bugs and worms, and they give us food yes i don't support killing birds but they are supposed to be eaten. In my heart i made this blog because there is people out there that think it would be fun to shoot at birds and squirrels with your paintball guns ex. But then after you kill one you will feel bad like i did. In less your just a selfish soul. So please follow by what i am saying and don't harm a innocent animal like i did.

What to do if you kill a animal.

I don't want people killing animals but if you do on accident or don't realize how wrong it is tell you do it like me. Then heres what you do. If you shoot with paintball gun or bb gun or something then make sure its dead because it might not be. So walk up to it and make sure it doesn't move if it gets up and starts going away then obviously stop there and pray for its pain to go away. Otherwise if its twitching a little take away its pain and shoot it in the head. if it is bleeding bad and looks dead then its just obviously dead. and if it doesn't have to much bleeding or anything then it might just be knocked out and in the case you would want to wait a while and try to pore some cold but not to cold water on it. and if it still doesn't move give it the finishing move to the head.

Okay after your sure its dead your going to bury a whole at least a foot deep. and then place the bird in there and put the dirt over it. your going to maybe remember that spots there with a stone or whatever. your going to want to pray for forgiveness for killing the bird and hope it didn't suffer to much.

Why i Started this Blog

I started this Blog because i have figured out today how bad hunting is. Now Hunting for food is a lot better than hunting for sport but i still don't support it. I was outside with my paintball gun shooting at birds i do that a lot. I hit a bird once before but didn't kill it so was just like okay whatever. But i just recently today shoot a bird when i had full c02 in my paintball gun shoot it once i think it got hit in the head and i just seen it drop. I was like of no! Thought it might just be knocked out but walked up to it. and i seen it had blood in its eyes and its neck was all over to one side so i knew it was dead. So i ran in my garage and i grabbed a shovel and a 800 fps semi automatic bb gun. I put 13 rounds in it and i walked up to the bird to make sure it didn't suffer and shoot it like 13 times. I felt so bad but didn't want it to suffer. so i dug a whole like 2 feet and put the bird in and put the dirt over it. Now i still feel really bad about this and i prayed and prayed hoping for god to forgive me but maybe this happened for a reason maybe he wanted me to kill this bird so i felt bad and started to try preventing from more birds to be killed so thats what im doing here.