Friday, June 11, 2010

Anti Hunting

Why not to kill birds for sport or fun. Killing a bird or a squirrel or any animals like killing a human. if you have killed one then you know how it feels. And if you haven't killed one yet don't because it feels terrible you have a terrible feeling in your heart. You know birds do have familys, They do have souls, They do have feeling, They do have a reason to be here on earth. Why are birds on earth? They eat are bugs and worms, and they give us food yes i don't support killing birds but they are supposed to be eaten. In my heart i made this blog because there is people out there that think it would be fun to shoot at birds and squirrels with your paintball guns ex. But then after you kill one you will feel bad like i did. In less your just a selfish soul. So please follow by what i am saying and don't harm a innocent animal like i did.

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