Friday, June 11, 2010

Why i Started this Blog

I started this Blog because i have figured out today how bad hunting is. Now Hunting for food is a lot better than hunting for sport but i still don't support it. I was outside with my paintball gun shooting at birds i do that a lot. I hit a bird once before but didn't kill it so was just like okay whatever. But i just recently today shoot a bird when i had full c02 in my paintball gun shoot it once i think it got hit in the head and i just seen it drop. I was like of no! Thought it might just be knocked out but walked up to it. and i seen it had blood in its eyes and its neck was all over to one side so i knew it was dead. So i ran in my garage and i grabbed a shovel and a 800 fps semi automatic bb gun. I put 13 rounds in it and i walked up to the bird to make sure it didn't suffer and shoot it like 13 times. I felt so bad but didn't want it to suffer. so i dug a whole like 2 feet and put the bird in and put the dirt over it. Now i still feel really bad about this and i prayed and prayed hoping for god to forgive me but maybe this happened for a reason maybe he wanted me to kill this bird so i felt bad and started to try preventing from more birds to be killed so thats what im doing here.

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